Ivanka Trump to Speak at CES 2020 [MWiG5]

I didn’t release a full episode last week so this episode combines some news from this week and last week.

Top News

Ivanka Trump is speaking at CES to “advocate on administration plans for employer-led strategies that invest in reskilling workers, creating apprenticeships and developing K-12 STEM education programs. ” (Source)

Other News

Jeopardy! featured an entire category about podcasting Friday night
The C64 now available in a full-sized version (mini version available on Amazon)
Uber kicked out of Colombia
Projekt E all-electric rallycross series starting in 2020

Got My Goat

Amazon threatens to fire employees who speak out against the company’s environmental policies.

On This Day in Geek History

In 1996, General Motors announced their first electric car: the EV1 and in 2004, the NASA rover, Spirit, lands on Mars.

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